Day 7 – Birdwood Auto Museum and Robe

Straight forward ride today, as we get to travel through the picturesque Adelaide Hills first up.

After an hour or so riding, we call into the Birdwood Auto Museum, one of the biggest auto museums in Australia. For people of my generation, it is a bit of a walk down memory lane. The museum has a large collection of both cars and motorcycles.

I was amazed to find a pristinely restored Honda CX500 (1981). The 500 CX was the first real street bike I owned all those years ago. Mine was the EC or Eurosport model, which came with a rear disk brake. Yep, a lot of bikes back then had drum brakes on the rear.

The museum also has a section dedicated to the late Andy Caldecott, who, in 2005 came 6th overall in the Dakar rally. Andy was born not far away and was raised in Keith, South Australia. He died in the 2006 Dakar rally after a terrible accident in Mali. Charley remembered Andy, and praised him for being both a fierce competitor and a real gentleman.

After spending an hour or so around the museum, got back on the road. Heading down the Princess Highway took a break at Meningie. I have fond memories of an earlier ride I did with friends Steve & Leonie, Rita and Rob, when we had a somewhat wild night there. Somewhere around 2003 I think. It’s all a bit vague now. Those days rides were a bit like the 1960’s; if you can remember them clearly then you weren’t there.

Honda CX500 - my first real street bike.

Honda CX500 – my first real street bike.

Arriving in Robe, which is our stop for the night. The ride was tiring for the last few hundred kms, due to the incessant strong winds. The wind would blow a dog of a leash.

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